Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Melodye Is Craving A Kinky Phone Sex Foot Long Cock

  My neighbors are so bizarre I can't believe some of the things that go on over there. They went out of town over the weekend so they asked me to keep an eye on the place. They pay well so I didn't mind. While I was there I was bored so I turned on the computer and I couldn't believe what I saw! Apparently the husband has a really little dick from the pictures that I saw and his wife has been forcing him into cuckold phone sex. Of course he doesn't have a clue about it but I saw pictures of his wife Melodye blowing a bbc phone sex cock on a guy wearing a subway uniform in Fairlawn Ohio! I guess she got tired of her husband's little dick and was craving a foot long. That's the real reason that she took the job at subway in the first place.

  Once I dug around a little more on their computer I found pictures of her husband torturing his itty bitty little tic tac dicklet. He was hitting it with a meat mallet and actually drawing blood. He probably can't figure out why his wife won't fuck him anymore and he must be so self conscious about his tiny dick. I'm sure he's used to having sph phone sex all the time because even a virgin wouldn't think that his dick was big or even close to being normal sized. I started laughing the second I saw how little it was and the way he was punishing it.

  He probably doesn't have a clue that Melodye is cheating on him in Fairlawn Ohio because she's so fat and sloppy looking he figures no one else would want to fuck her and push her fat rolls out of the way to get to her hairy cunt. I guess she found someone that likes bbw phone sex and has a cock big enough to get past her fat and into her pussy. It's a good thing I hadn't eaten before I saw those pictures, because between his little cbt phone sex bleeding dick and her fat sloppy ass sucking that bbc phone sex cock I was seriously dry heaving. I guess that goes to show you just never know what's really going on behind closed doors.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Pathetic Little Dick CBT Phone Sex Loser

  Ugh my best friend's father is such a disgusting pervert. Worst of all he has one of the smallest grossest dicks I've ever seen and he keeps checking me out. It's so gross, I'm there to hang out with my friend and he's undressing me with his eyes wishing he could get a hot girl like me. Well dream on loser, the only thing that you're good for is cbt phone sex. I decided that I was going to teach him a lesson for being such a perv. I had planned a sleep over at my friends house and I knew that he would be sneaking around trying to see me in my pajama shorts as usual so it would be easy to corner him and teach him a lesson.
  I waited until my friend fell asleep and then I snuck down the stairs. I knew the little dick phone sex loser would be downstairs watching t.v. After all, if I had a wife as gross and fat as his wife I wouldn't be in any rush to get to bed either. I overheard him on the phone one time telling someone that he wished his wife would catch the flu about six or seven times because she had so much weight that she needed to lose. He's so predictable he was down there. He couldn't tear his eyes away from my hot tight young body.
  I knew he was having perverted age play phone sex thoughts while he was checking me out. Who knows, his little tic tac dick was probably hard but it's so little who could tell? I let him know that I had seen him snapping pics of me when I bent over and at cheer leading practice and unless he wanted his fat ugly wife and his sweet daughter to find out what a perv he was that he was going to do exactly what I told him to do.
  I had him pull his pants down and then I ran to his bathroom to gather some supplies. I grabbed some q tips and icy hot and some tacks from his desk. He was about to realize that he perved on the wrong girl and now it was time for his cbt phone sex punishment. I reached for a wooden spoon and started smashing his balls and his dick head with it. Then I dipped the q-tips and coated them in icy hot. I didn't want to touch his nasty little dick so I made him insert three right in his piss hole. It was so funny hearing the strangled sounds that came out of his mouth and watching him bite his tongue to keep from screaming out in pain. Then I made him drive those tacks into his ball sack. Sweet revenge...

Here's a picture of some fucked up stuff the little dick loser does to the fat slob Melodye when she's passed out drunk.

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I hope your wife isn't as repulsive as the human pin cushion's is.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CBT Phone Sex Humiliation


  I had the most amusing cbt phone sex humiliation session tonight. I was sound asleep in bed when I heard a loud crashing sound outside my bedroom window. I jumped up and sent the dog outside thinking that it was a burglar. By the time I got outside I found my married next door neighbor cowering in the corner. He had his dick out and was trying to avoid getting bitten by my rottie. I called the dog off and told him to come inside so we could discuss what his little dick pervert ass was doing outside of my window obviously jerking off.
  He knew that he was going to be in big trouble if I decided to tell his wife what a peeping tom phone sex pervert he was. He was tripping over his own feet trying to apologize and begging me not to tell his wife. From the looks of his pathetic little dicklet I could see exactly why he felt that he had to sneak around and stare into my bedroom window. Who knows how often he had been doing that. I ordered him down to his knees and didn't let him put his dicklet or balls away. I left the dog to guard him and make sure that he didn't try to sneak out the window while I went into the kitchen and grabbed a few things.
  He didn't know what to think when he saw what I had in my hands but it didn't take him long to figure out what I was up to and it wasn't only little dick phone sex humiliation. I opened a container of icy hot and made him smear it all over his balls because I certainly wasn't going to touch those nasty things. He started squirming and begging me to let him wash it off. His eyes were watering and he was whimpering like a pathetic little fuck. Then I grabbed a cheese grater and started scraping it up and down his ball sack. The sounds of his screams were music to my ears as I turned his balls into ground beef.
  Then I made him lay his little clit stick across my nightstand table and then I brought a meat mallet down on it over and over again as he cried out in pain with tears streaming down his face. Maybe next time the nasty pervert will think twice before peeping in my window.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

I know what you're secretly yearning for and that's forced feminization phone sex. You look at my beautiful blonde hair, my big perky breasts, my long lean legs and my perfect round ass and you long to be as pretty and feminine as I am. You wonder what it would be like to be able to wear beautiful pink lingerie and have silky smooth skin. Well wonder no more. It's time to take the plunge. Stop wondering and longing and get ready for some forced feminization phone sex. I'll lather you up with some shaving cream and shave you from head to toe, because after all women are not hairy. Then I'll pluck your eyebrows, wax your upper lip and rub some beautiful scented lotion into your skin. Then I'll get to work with your makeup; a push up bra complete with realistic breast forms and pink silk panties and garter belt. Next come those silky smooth stockings sliding against your legs and a hot little minidress over the top. Then a beautiful blonde wig and high heels to complete your look and out the door to the club we go. Since you are going to be dressed as a woman you need to experience everything that a woman does and of course that includes being a good little sissy phone sex slut, sucking cock for me and bending over. When you're ready for the ultimate feminization phone sex experience give me a call.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Humilation Phone Sex With My Human Pet

 I get so tired of how utterly unmanly my sissy phone sex slut is. I don't even pretend that he satisfies me sexually anymore. Now that I've discovered big cocks I don't even try to pretend that he can get me off. He's just a little dick phone sex loser that's only good for humiliation phone sex calls. I decided that I was going to make him useful to me somehow so I decided to turn him into a real pet. After all he is always kneeling at my feet begging to serve me as my bdsm phone sex slut anyway.
  I set up a crate in the corner of my living room so he could share it with my large bullmastiff. I strapped him down to a chair and had his teeth filed to sharp points. I got a latex puppy hood for him to wear so he would have a snout and ears. It has an opening that is just large enough for him to stick his tongue out and lap his food and water up from his bowls. He has to wear a butt plug with a tail on it and I no longer allow my sissy phone sex pet to walk around like a human. He has to wear mitts on his hands that turn them into paws, and from that point on he was forced to crawl around on all fours. His food and water are eaten out of dog bowls and I fastened an embarassingly pink collar around his neck and take him for walks around the neighborhood so that everyone can point and laugh at what a ridiculous sight he is. He has to whine when he wants something and has to be taken outside to relieve himself in the yard.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Body Worship Phone Sex With Sis's Boyfriend

My sister's boyfriend has a freaky little secret that I just know he doesn't want getting out. Luckily, for him I know how to keep my lips long as I get exactly what I want that is. Blackmail phone sex is so much fun, well for me it is anyway lol. You see, my sister got called in to work unexpectedly this weekend and her boyfriend was spending the night. I didn't even realize that he was there when I woke up in the morning and went downstairs to get a glass of juice. I had on a sheer little nightgown and was sitting at the table when I saw him enter the room. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his face and he couldn't seem to stop his eyes from traveling up and down my body and landing right on my big voluptuous tits that were clearly visible through my sheer nightgown. I couldn't help laughing at him and he started to blush. Hmm, I think I could really have some fun with this one. You want to see my tits don't you Jared? Just admit it. He started to stammer and shake his head no but he wasn't kidding anyone. Get down on your knees and I'll give you a peek. He just couldn't seem to say no. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my sister is pretty flat chested. He dropped down to his knees in front of me and I could see his breath starting to get really heavy and a bulge growing in the front of his drawstring pajamas. I slowly lifted up my nightgown and let him take a really good look. I could tell he was shocked when he saw that I didn't have any panties on either. It was so much fun watching him squirm and seeing how much he wanted me. I get such a kick out of tease and denial phone sex. I decided right then and there that there was no way I was going to ever let him fuck me. He was my sister's boyfriend after all and a girl's got to have some sort of morals. I did let him have the honor of licking my pussy and making me cum in his mouth. I told him that if he did a really good job I would let him cum on my tits. Having a big load of hot sticky cum blown on me in big tit phone sex makes my tight pussy drip. He did such a good job at eating me out that I told him he was going to have the new job of pleasing me anytime that I wanted, unless he wanted my sister to find out just what he was up to. Of course, he didn't protest too hard I mean really where else was he going to get the chance to pleasure a hot ass girl like me?
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ruined Orgasm PhoneSex

There's something about ruined orgasm phonesex that makes your pathetic little clitty quiver isn't there lol! You stare at my perfect body drooling and just imagining what it would be like if you were actually man enough to satisfy me. Come on, be honest with yourself, even in your dreams you know that you could never measure up to the real men that actually know what it takes to satisfy a woman. Drop to your knees and worship my perfection. Nothing amuses me more than to see you groveling and begging for just a touch, just a teensy little taste of my sweetness.

Once you're down on your knees where you belong, the real fun begins. I want to feel your lips against my perfect beautiful feet. I see your eyes traveling up my sexy toned legs, my tight thighs and trying to catch a glimpse of my tight little cunt. Tie your pathetic little balls up tight and smear icy hot all over them for me. CBT phone sex always just makes my day! Then when I catch your eyes wandering without my permission, I'm going to reach forward and grab your shoulders so you can't back away. Then I'll lean my leg back and slam my beautiful heels right into your balls over and over again, so fast and so hard one kick coming after the other. I'm slamming your balls so hard that they're trying to pull back into your body and hide, but there's no escaping the heels of Mistress Melanie. Even with all of this punishment, your pathetic little
clitty is rock hard and throbbing just aching to cum. I'm going to tease you until you ache to explode and right when you are at the edge starting to cum I'm going to kick the shit out of your balls and completely ruin your orgasm lmao! That just makes my day to leave you aching and disappointed.

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